We are organizing several workshops where you can learn the ancient shepherd's way of life, like taking care of the horses, milking the goat & cheese making


Saddling and bridling horses

Taking good care of your horse is not just a health necessity, but the most essential - A BONDING TIME. A horse is not just a ride - it's a live being. Proper bonding and mutual trust is a safety feature and a recipe for an unforgettable ride.


Goat milking 

This workshop will present you with ancient knowledge of milking the goats. You'll learn how to set the animal into a milking post, maintain sanitary requirements, how much milk is allowed to milk from the goat, etc.

Cheese making

You'll learn how to make cheese from fresh milk - the way our ancestors did. What temperature is the best, what kind of lactose bacteria we add for certain types of cheese or how do you preserve the cheese for the extedned period?


Tour guide: Vasko Velichkovski

Contact: Vasko Velichkovski


Dushica Velichkovska

+389 77 648 679