Away from your working office, you will get the opportunity to spend some challenging time with your co-workers, friends and even families. The program offers you the possibility to taste the life of the locals and try new experiences proving your great ancestor's blood still runs through your veins 


9.30 Arrival, welcome drink, managing the groups.

10.00 Starting with workshops/activities

14.00 Lunch


Maximum number per group:

10-12 riders.


In a case of higher numbers, the destination can be visited 5-6 times during the day, so there is an opportunity to meet organizations up to 50 people.



At the ranch, we offer various activities such as:


  • Horse riding

  • Saddling and bridling horses

  • Milking Goats

  • Making Goat Cheese 

  • Visit of the local museum in Galichnik

  • Competitive activities (The nail board: which team hammers fastest; sack racing over 25 meters; Tug of war; The lumberjack tree trunk sawing)


If the number of participants is higher than 10, we will spread them into smaller groups. So, while one team is riding, another is visiting the museum, and the third group is milking the goats and make cheese until all groups pass through all activities.




The proposal for lunch is a lamb prepared traditionally at the ranch of the horse club. This offer is available only with a reservation in advance.



Unlimited quantity (Rakia (homemade brandy), quality homemade white and red wine, beer, and beverages.)


All products (cheese and meat) are fresh, free-range, produced on the ranch of the Horse club
(a healthy natural Bio food which nowadays is difficult to find).


Required equipment

  • Comfortable shoes;

  • Pack proper clothing for harsh weather conditions;

  • Sun cream


  • Full guidance by professional horse riding English speaking guide, Vasko from Horse-riding club Bistra Galicnik;


Vasko’s been promoting horse-back riding tourism for ten years now. Life enduring passion for the horse-riding sport and the aversion towards the cities and their noisy environment makes Vasko spend most of his free time in the mountains of the Mavrovo National Park, namely the village of Galichnik, place of his family’s origin. Besides managing his own company, he works as horse riding guide for six months in the summer, and free-ride ski guide is his passion in the winter months.


  • Five workshops + competitive activities (riding training and riding, saddling and bridling horses, milking goats and cheese production by using goat milk, visiting a museum in Galicnik, biking )

  • Entrance fee for NP Mavrovo

  • Drinks at the ranch (All kinds of beverages, alcoholic and refreshments)

  • Helmet for horse-riding



  • Air transfer and insurance;

  • All personal expenses not mentioned under “Included in price.”



On these rides, you need to take a little more care to PACK THE APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, as well sun & wind protective gear.

Non-riders are also welcome (basic training before the riding)

We will ride Balkan Mountain Horses: tamed village horses, small but particularly strong and save for mountain terrains.

We organize trips for all levels of riders (from beginners to advanced riders)

Don't hesitate to ask any question. The riding instructors are well trained and have a lot of experience so you can freely consult them about everything.

These tours are great for group and family vacations, but also an excellent way to meet open and friendly people with an adventurous spirit and love for nature.

Please NOTE that Our Base Camp is 1km away from Galichnik village within the National Park Mavrovo. It's uninhabited area, and there is no regular transportation to the spot.



Tour guide: Vasko Velichkovski

Contact: Vasko Velichkovski


Dushica Velichkovska

+389 77 648 679