Sherpa Horseback Riding Presents



1 overnight (camping), 2 days riding, workshops

About the riding expedition

A Riding Expedition is a journey on horseback, which may entail a few hardships but reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might otherwise not have the opportunity to see.


This type of excursion will give you the opportunity to enjoy with your family, kids, and friends and spend some quality time in the mountains, escaping from the modern civilization.


Two days in Mavrovo National Park – spending time with Vasko, the founder of Galichnik Horseback Riding Club, and his team. This tour is for those who want to enjoy the treasures of the mountain. Riding uphill along the valleys of Bistra Mountain, setting up camps deep in the mountains, you will enjoy the vast and never-ending open views of the countless number of mountain peaks. On this trip, you will get closer to the shepherd’s life, visiting few sheep farms, experience the traditional way of cheese making and just enjoy the nature.


You'll experience a soul rewarding tour with the unforgettable scenery.



Day 1

10.00 Arrival at the ranch. Welcoming refreshments are waiting for the guests.

11.30 Workshops -  Milking goats and cheese preparation

12.30 Picnic lunch (fresh meat provided directly from the ranch) followed by wine and cheese tasting *

13.30 Safety equipment handout, Safety and Procedures briefing, Practical explanation of western style horseback riding (non-riders are also welcome)

14.30 Departure to the base camp

17.00 Arrival to the base camp


Group activities are planned such as: setting up the sleeping tents, starting a bonfire along with dinner preparation which includes lamb, done traditionally.


* Vegetarians are required to specify their Food preference in the Request for an offer.


18.30 We'll serve dinner next to the bonfire (overnight in tents).



Day 2

09.00 Starting breakfast preparations

10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Departure to the ranch of horse club BISTRA – GALICNIK on horseback (ride along the lake shore and up to the high mountain peaks with a fantastic view of the MAVROVO LAKE)

12.30 Lunch at the sheep farm 

14.00 Departure to the ranch of the horse club BISTRA – GALICNIK on horseback 

15.30 Arrival at the ranch of the horse club BISTRA – GALICNIK

18.00 Gala dinner at the Ranch Camp



Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆ 




  • Full guidance by professional horse riding English speaking guide, Vasko from Horse-riding club Bistra Galicnik;


Vasko’s been promoting horse-back riding tourism for ten years now. Life enduring passion for the horse-riding sport and the aversion towards the cities and their noisy environment makes Vasko spend most of his free time in the mountains of the Mavrovo National Park, namely the village of Galichnik, place of his family’s origin. Besides managing his own company, he works as horse riding guide for six months in the summer, and free-ride ski guide is his passion in the winter months.


  • Entrance fee for NP Mavrovo;

  • Helmet for horse-riding

  • Tents 

  • Jeep for safety backup and transport (food, tents and all other luggage

  • Drinks at the camp (All kinds of beverages, alcoholic and refreshments)




  • Air transfer and insurance

  • Back protectors for horse-riding

  • All personal expenses not mentioned under “Included in price.”



On these rides, you need to take a little more care to PACK THE APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, as well sun & wind protective gear.

You will ride only with the light backpack or nothing on your backs because our jeep will transport your luggage to the overnight destination.

We can accommodate these itinerary according to your flight.

Please NOTE that Our Base Camp is 1km away from Galichnik village within the National Park Mavrovo. It's uninhabited area, and there is no regular transportation to the spot.



Tour guide: Vasko Velichkovski

Contact: Vasko Velichkovski


Dushica Velichkovska

+389 77 648 679